Friday Five: Hasty Pudding Edition

mary-janeOur regular poster, Sally, having been oppressed by Blogger today, I bring you a hasty Friday Five on the subject of pudding. If you are not a fan of pudding, then you will feel solidarity with Sally, except that you will be oppressed by pudding instead. 😉

1) First of all, thumbs up? or thumbs down? Do you like pudding?

No. Do. NOT. Like. Pudding. Nasty. Do not like custard, flan or anything in that texture family. *shudder*

2) Instant or cooked? (Does anyone make pudding from scratch?)

I’ve made pudding from scratch for a fruit tart recipe and it requires a vigilance and an attention span that I do not possess. I say that if you must have it you should buy it in those little cups.

3) If you had to choose, would you prefer corn pudding or figgy pudding?

I don’t even know what those are.

4) Have you ever finger painted with pudding?

I would imagine that I have. it’s the only thing it’s good for.

5) Finally, what is the matter with Mary Jane?

Ordinarily I would say that Mary Jane is having some discipline issues, but if someone tried to feed me rice pudding for dinner, I’d go postal as well.

Bonus: Share a favorite recipe that includes pudding!

My grandmother’s egg nog. I don’t have it in front of me, but you make it with whole milk, eggs, sugar and a package of cook & serve (NOT instant) vanilla pudding and then you put scoops of vanilla ice cream in it. It’s heaven – like a vanilla milkshake.


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