Friday the 13th Random Friday Five

revkarla writes:

Woo hoo!  It’s not only Random Friday Five time, but it is also Friday the 13th. And also Lent.  And, in my neighborhood, the snow is starting to melt and I can see a patch of grass in my front yard.  Oh my,  what could be more wonderful?(Okay, a lot of things, I know.  At least little things make me happy.)

So, without further ado, I present you F13RFF!

1.  What have you got going on today?

A long-overdue hair didding, fingerprinting for a volunteer thing and work.

2.  What about a prayer request, how can we pray for you today?

Pray for my continued efforts to be in the present moment.

3.  What makes you curious?

Things that don’t try to make me curious, i.e., internet click bait. “WHAT DID MILEY CYRUS WEAR WHEN SHE MET MARIA SHRIVER???” Don’t care. Won’t click. I’m most curious about people and their stories. Especially when those stories take unexpected twists and turns. And, let’s face it, they usually do.

4.  If you got stuck in an elevator for three hours, (if that is too scary, locked in a room or stuck in a traffic jam), and could magically have any book or activity appear in a pouf to you to while away the time, what would it be?

The elevator thing would be awful, so let’s say traffic jam. I’d probably have the phone which contains all manner of entertainment. However, I’d have my Kindle appear, because, well, compact, fits in a small space, and full of entertainment.

5.  Use these words in a sentence.   Thirteen, lampshade, [a historical person, like Cotton Mather or Judy Garland} basket, hedgehog, and daffodils.

How about a haiku?

hedgehogs dance with Cher
a basket of daffodils
thirteen lampshades glow

2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Random Friday Five

  1. A Haiku!! Well played! I love your curiosities. I do get pulled into Internet bait. Guilty. Prayers for many present moments for you.

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