Friday Five: They Say It’s Your Birthday

3dogmom writes:

In my family, February holds the most birthdays across the generations: my father, my grandmother, my brother and my son were all born this month. Throw in the presidents (and other friends) for good measure and there’s lots of celebrating going on! That got me thinking about birthday customs and traditions, and I’d love to hear about yours. For today’s FF share with us:

1) Are you a cake or pie person? What type do you savor on your big day?

I’m a person who likes both but I really prefer cake for the bday. I typically go for yellow cake with chocolate frosting, but I do like a white cake with white frosting as well. And chocolate. So much chocolate. They key is frosting. None of this whipped cream nonsense. It’s buttercream or nothing.

2) Growing up, did you have a favorite “birthday meal?” How about now?

Not so much a set meal, per se, but just got to request what we wanted or where we wanted to go. I really just want to have dinner with friends, and I don’t care what it is.

3) What birthday traditions or rituals from younger days have followed you into adulthood?

We never wrapped birthday gifts. We only wrapped at Christmas. Birthday gifts were laid out on display on the couch. I suppose that I continue this tradition by ordering gifts online and not requesting gift wrap. It seems odd to me to wrap birthday gifts, but I realize it’s normal for the rest of the world.

4) What’s the most memorable gift or celebration you ever received for your birthday?

Age 6: I got a purple bike with a white banana seat and a white basket on the front with plastic daisies on it, because, 1978. And I got to see my very first movie in the theater which was the original Star Wars. Major cool points.

Age 7: R2D2 ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Amazeballs.

Age 16: Trip to San Diego with the family

Age 30: Went to Disneyland with a friend and then had a big make your own pizza party at another friend’s house

Age 40: Spent the weekend in Bodega Bay with a bunch of friends

Age 42: Spent the weekend in PDX with friends

Age 43: approaching…I have ideas….

5) How do you like to celebrate others on their day?

However they want to be celebrated. Unless they have no preference, then I’ll cook for them.