Friday Five: Besides

marybethbutler writes:

Hello, all! It’s the end of January…how did that get by so fast!? Here’s a Friday Five for your amusement and our edification. If you play, please be sure to paste the URL of your blog post in the comments. Or, you can just play right here in the comments. Onward:

1. Besides cookies, muffins, and ice cream, what’s something chocolate chips are good in?
Ummm…what are they not good in? I like to put them in banana bread. And you know that whole Amish Friendship Bread thing? We we would have one of those, I’d put cherries and chocolate chips in that. Brilliant.

2. Besides official holidays and your birthday, what’s the best day of the year?
Any day that I can curl up in bed and do nothing or whatever I want and still get paid.

3. Besides toilet paper and pantry items, what’s something in your house you make sure never to run out of?
Chocolate chips (see: above)

4. Besides relatives, teachers, and coaches, who gave you the most memorable advice growing up?
G.I. Joe – knowing is half the battle.

5. Besides junk mail, subscriptions, greeting cards, and stuff you ordered online, what’s something great that came in the mail recently?
I got cards and gifts for the virtual shower I threw myself for my hysterectomy. I have great friends.