Random Friday Five!

marybethbutler writes:

Happy Friday!

In honor of Karla, the usual sponsor of this page on the second Friday, I announce it as a random Friday Five. But with a theme: NEW.

1. If you have one, what is your new resolution?

I don’t, but I have been mulling this quote as perhaps a new way to look at this year:

“Stop ‘searching for God.’ Rather, come out of hiding and let God find you.” – Leonard Sweet

2. Many folks choose a new word for a year’s beginning, as Marci’s congregation does with StarWords. Some let their word choose them, like Christine at Abbey of the Arts. Do you have a word for the year?

Balanced. My word for the year is balanced.

3. What is your new favorite exclamation/phrase at times of joy or frustration?

I usually say “Sweet Fancy Moses!”, “Son of a Nutcracker!” or “Jesus, take the wheel.”

4. Do you have a new favorite food, or an old one you are newly enjoying?

I actually made Thanksgiving food last weekend and just finished up those leftovers. This coming Sunday, my family is doing our belated New Year’s celebration with some of our favorite Mennonite dishes.

5. Finally, in general: what is your new favorite thing?

My new favorite thing(s) are the gifts I’m getting for my hysterectomy shower. It’s been a lot of fun.