Friday Five: Applesauce! And other fine fall treats!

Deb writes:


This is the first of three batches of applesauce and applebutter created in my kitchen this month. And it’s the inspiration for this week’s Friday Five!

1. What’s your best homemade treat? Is it worth all the effort? (It doesn’t have to be something canned.)

I make a lot of great homemade treats and all are worth the effort. I’m trying to lay off baking & making ice cream at the moment because I have to be beach-ready in 41 days. Last year I did make my first batch of apple butter and served it over pork tenderloin, which was yummy. It’s hard to get into the fall vibe quite yet, though. It was 104 today.

2. At our house, applesauce and football are the harbingers of fall. What are they at your house?

Football and any temperature under 95. Seriously. It was 104 today.

3. Someone gave me an “automatic” apple peeler from one of those home cooking product shows. (It doesn’t work all that great.) What’s one kitchen contraption or tool you’d gladly trade me for it?

I’m a huge fan of all kinds of kitchen gadgets, but I think we may have gone overboard. Strawberry huller? Avocado slicer? Those are called KNIVES. I use all mine so not sure I can say with any great certainty that I’d give any of them up.

4. Whose the best chef in your home? Why?

Ummmm. Me. I’m the only one there.

5. Cider, apple juice, or hard cider? Discuss.

I like to drink hot Trader Joe’s Spiced Apple Cider when it cools down. But not right now. Did I mention? It was 104 today.

One thought on “Friday Five: Applesauce! And other fine fall treats!

  1. Yikes! 104! Yeah, I’d be ready for cooler temps too! I love the spiced cider from Trader Joe’s too. It’s one of those little delicacies. 🙂 Thanks for playing and I hope things cool off soon!

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