Friday Five: Clutter/Declutter

janintx writes:


My daughter told me that she and her partner have different ways of organizing: my daughter puts it all in a pile, while her spouse files it. My daughter is definitely connected to me, as I tend to be a stacker of papers, photos, letters, books, clothes, etc. I am wanting to get rid of some of these piles, which I periodically do. Instead of rearranging them, I need to recycle them. So for this Friday Five, Let’s look at our organizational skills and/or clutter:

1. How do you organize? Is there a difference with various objects?

Totally depends on the object. I have my movies alphabetized by title and my books alphabetized by author, but that’s only so I can find stuff. Oh, wait. Clothes too. Not alphabetized, of course, but since I work in retail, I ROY G. BIV my closet, and also organize by silhouette and style. I know. But again, easier to find . The books on my shelf in the living room, however, are set up to be more visually appealing, because they’re decorative.

This is making me sound super organized. I’m not.

2. Do you have any cluttered spots in your office or home? Describe.

I have piles of crap at work on my desk. I usually let it pile up until I can’t deal and then I go through a big organizing jag.

3. What do you organize well? And not?

I’m super hate filing for some reason, and I always manage to screw up the alphabet. I’ve been reading since I was 3, but can’t manage the alphabet. I’m special.

4. What do you wish to de-clutter?

My brain is kind of a cluttered place. I have lots of thoughts all the time and they all seem to get to the front of the line at once. I use the blog to sort through them a lot. You should see the number of unfinished drafts I’ve got going.

5. Accomplishments in organizing or de-cluttering:

I’m in the middle of a home office de-cluttering and I’ve made huge strides in the last few weeks. It’s an ongoing thing that I’m doing a little bit on each weekend. This past weekend I had a friend staying with me and he’s an IT professional. He set up my printer that has been in the box since I ordered it in November of last year. Don’t judge.