Friday Five: Summer!

revkarla writes:

Hello friends~~
It’s Friday, and TBTG! Even when I work all weekend, I still love that “Friday feeling”, you know? PLUS~~it’s summer! So, for a summer Friday Five, here are a few thoughts to ponder upon:

1. What makes you happy in your happy hour? (kicking off shoes, reading a book, a cocktail, lemonade~~essentially, what do you do to relax at the end of your week…)

I make sure I relax at the end of my week. I do, frankly, whatever I feel like doing. That includes sleeping, laundry (I know, but it makes me happy), reading, swimming, shopping, cooking

2. I have a pair of shorts that I jump into the minute I get home for the evening–every day in the summer. What’s your favorite summer “garment”?

Ummm…it’s pretty much summer here all the time, so summer clothes are all I have. My MO is pretty much to put on jammies as soon as I get home, regardless of time of day. I heart jammies.

3. I have discovered, after living here in New England for 7 years, Ipswich fried clams. Oh. my. OH MY! Do you have a summer food you might splurge on once or twice in the summer?

Well, yes and no. I’m back on the healthy eating wagon after being emotionally derailed last year. However, I recently purchased the Humphry Slocombe & Jeni’s Splendid cookbooks, so I’m going to be experiencing with some fancy ice creams. I’ll keep you posted.

4. Do you have a specific fond memory of summers of your childhood?

I have many, because, again, summer is kind of all we have. The ones that are popping up now are the following:

  • Eating dinner of watermelon and Spam (don’t judge) while hanging out of the pool. This happened a lot.
  • Playing “Name That TV Show Theme Song” underwater
  • Using a river rock to time our tanning flips
  • My mom exorcising childhood memories by whisking us out of school on the last day and driving us to southern CA to pick cherries for days, and me missing all end of school slumber parties. As an adult, I totally get why my mom did this and I would totally do this to my kids if I had them, so all you kids out there, be glad I’m not your mom.
  • Experimenting with recipes for dinner when my parents got home from work
  • My brother and I started being home on our own for the summer when I was 12 and he was 6&7. I was in charge of making sure we completed our chore list and that we each only watched 2 hours of TV per day
  • Throwing things into the deep end and then having races to retrieve them
  • Memorizing all the Sandy Patti albums. ALL of them.

5. Use these words in a sentence: snail, baby duck, camper, ice cream, surfboard, cherries.

Calliope, the baby duck, and her best friend Beauregard, the snail, kicked back in their camper eating cherries and ice cream, their newly waxed surfboards glowing in the setting sun.