Just So We’re Clear….

Maybe it’s just because I don’t watch Fox News but it seems to me that the same thing that they whine about happening to Christmas has already happened to Easter and I’ve not heard a word about it. Most of the employees in my building asked for today off, citing “religious accommodation” but I’m not entirely sure that’s why they wanted today off.

Over the last few years I’ve seen an increase in store early or complete closures on Easter. It’s a holiday that people travel for. It’s huge in the home decorating market. And candy – duh. Where is all the religious outrage about a religious holiday becoming commercialized? Yes, Spring & Easter holidays have their roots in pagan traditions but SO DOES CHRISTMAS.

My understanding is that for Christians, Easter is as big as or bigger than Christmas. It’s our Super Bowl. Is it that we have such high attendance at our gatherings that we don’t care what happens the rest of the day? SAME WITH CHRISTMAS. Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m unclear as to why such ire is directed at the wishing of “Happy Holidays” and keeping the Christ in Christmas, but nothing is said about the keeping of Christ in Easter. Is it because there’s no alliteration?

When I was a kid, I asked my mom if Easter is about Jesus, then why aren’t there chocolate crosses? If it’s not about the bunnies, then why did they get all the good candy? Her answer was that it would be sacrilegious. Well, here you go, Mom.


Mmmm. Most delicious instrument of torture and human suffering EVER!

Just so we’re clear…

We’ve taken the cross of Christ and made it into dessert and everyone is ok with that?