Friday Five: Pre Holy Week

revkarla writes:

Hey there gals and pals,

It’s time for the pre-Holy Week Friday Five!

1.  What is your favorite Easter candy?

Hands down, the Cadbury Creme Egg. There are close seconds, like the Cadbury mini-egg and the Reese’s Egg, but really, there is none other than the Cadbury Creme egg.

2.  Do you have an Easter memory from childhood to share, then please do.  Or any Easter memory.

Unfortunately, I don’ t, and that has gotten me in trouble with my mom. I made the mistake of mentioning to her that I don’t really remember us getting Easter baskets and apparently we always did. That did not go well. My memories are of Easter dresses and some egg hunting and church services being a giant extravaganza.

One other thing just came to my mind. I do remember a huge production at church around Easter in which an actor playing Jesus was pretty realistically crucified. My little brother was probably 4 or 5 and he really freaked out.

3.  Speaking of, what your most favorite day of the past two weeks been?  Why?

This assumes I remember the last two weeks. After jogging my memory with my calendar, the best days of the past two weeks have been about celebrating my niece’s 10th birthday.

4.  I am kind of digging’ Chipotle’s sofritos these days (marinated and “shredded” tofu) and have been eating them like twice a week.  Is there something new in your life that keeps bringing you back for more?  (be ye creative here…)

The new thing coming back over and over for me is running. I have always been the person that says, “Unless I’m being chased, I do not run.” But in the last 3 or so months, I have basically become a runner. A person who runs. I can’t seem to stop and I hate when I can’t. We’re getting into triple digit time here in the desert southwest so this means I’ll have to transition to the treadmill and I’m not sure that’s going to be as good, but I’ll give it a shot.

5.  Of course, a sentence. Using the following words (or some form thereof):  Tree frog, squares, kleenex, eyeglass, lost, daffodil, palms, lamb, Peeps, licorice jelly beans, and donkey.

After losing her eyeglasses, the Lamb chose to stroll with her friend the donkey to the place beyond the palms, where tree frogs play, the daffodils grow in square box gardens and licorice jelly beans and Peeps fall from the sky onto downy piles of Kleenex.

Let us know in the comments that you played so we can enjoy your play!