Friday Random Five!

revkarla writes:

Hello Gals and Pals,

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I know that some (a lot) of you are digging out from snow and ice and lack of electricity.  We feel for you, and love you!     Some of you have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  ‘Nuff said.     I happen to enjoy Valentine’s Day in spite of having exactly one date ever on VD (before I was married).   I love celebrating Love!   So, all that is to say is that our Friday Five is to tell us about five random things that you love.

Personal Note:

Ok, so I hate Valentine’s Day. And not for the obvious reasons. I just don’t think it’s romantic to do something romantic when all of society is pressuring you to DO SOMETHING ROMANTIC. I find flowers for no reason on a Thursday in June much more romantic. Just me. I also think we should tell people we love that we love them often, and not once a year because Hallmark tells us to. That said, I’m willing to play here without being a Bitter Betty.

1. I love the weather in Arizona this time of year. Sorry for those of you who are digging out of snow and out of electricity. But seriously – it’s in the 80s here. It’s perfect.

2. I love spending time with my niece and nephew. I love seeing their little personalities form and getting to know their preferences. They are hilarious and adorable.

3. I love shopping. I know – shallow – but I love it. I love following fashion trends, I love watching the runway shows from fashion week, I love watching my niece develop her interest in fashion design, I love all things about fashion and retail.

4. I love the Bible. In seminary I had the privilege of taking both Greek and Hebrew and reading the Bible in its original language. I personally hated Greek but possibly because the teacher wasn’t great. I LOVED Hebrew. It was like reading the Bible in color and English is black & white.

5. I love enjoying a meal with people I love.

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