Friday Five: Advent Random

revkarla writes:

I hope this Friday Five finds you happily wandering through these deep long twilight days with a reasonable  amount of hustle, bustle and peace in between.  Knowing however, that this can also be a jam-packed  or stressful time, my first FF question is:

1.  How are you?  How can we pray for you?

Overall I’m well, but some life changes are afoot and I have some decisions to make. It’s all contingent on a phone call that I should get next week, and once that happens, things will be in motion.

2.  On another level, I am sure that many of you have treasured Christmas ornaments.  Tell us about one of your more treasured, and why it is special.

I have a box of ornaments that I didn’t use this year because I went with a tiny tree, but I will always have them and they will always be special. I don’t know if this still exists (since I have small strokes when I go into craft stores) but back in the 70s you could buy fabric that had pre-printed shapes and instructions on it. My mom and I got some to make ornaments back in 1976 (I was 4). They are fabric ornaments in the shapes of stars, candy canes, and some other stuff. Mom stitched them on the sewing machine and I stuffed the filler into them, and then she closed them and added a yarn hanger. I love them. Great Christmas memory with my mom.

This year, however, this is my favorite ornament:


3.  Since I have started in a new call in a new city, I have a new guilty pleasure calledShubies which is a store of wine, cheese, craft beer, gourmet foods, fun kitchen gadgets and more, besides a bakery/lunch counter.  I am currently enjoying an (overpriced)  kale-avocado-goat cheese pressed sandwich on cranberry sunflower seed wheat bread. O.M.GOODNESS.   What is one of your current guilty pleasures?

First, congrats on the new call & new city! I’m currently in a place where I’m trying to make choices that exclude guilty pleasures – not judging you of course. Just need to make better choices for me. However, if I were indulging this time of year I’d be eating a lot of Mt. Tam cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and Candy Cane Jo-Jos from Trader Joes (either in cookie or ice cream form).

4. I picked up a beautiful hank of handspun wool in heather grays and purples in October that I am sending my sister for her birthday this month.  I have been looking forward to giving it to her.  What is something (tangible or less tangible) you are looking forward to give in the next few weeks?

I didn’t know “hank” was a thing. Did I mention that I have small strokes in craft stores? The only making stuff I do is cooking. I can’t get specific on the things I’m going to give because I don’t want to give things away. However, there’s a couple of things I’m stoked to give to my dad this year. He’s really hard to shop for so when I have something good, it’s kind of a big deal.

5.  We must have random words for a random sentence or story, right?  So, here are your words (or forms of) to use in a sentence or two:   earth, cranberry, codfish, kettle corn, pitcher, love, joy, hope, peace, Santa, artist.

The artist stepped back from his painting of Santa, took a bite of codfish and washed it down with a pitcher of mulled wine, a sense of peace washing over him.  The whole earth loved his work and look forward to the painting with joy, hoping to be able to give copies as gifts in time for Christmas.

Thanks for playing!

One thought on “Friday Five: Advent Random

  1. oh! I love your play! Prayers for anticipated phone calls; praise for gifts for hard to buy for dads (totally get that), and your story is awesome. Cheers to you!

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