Friday Five: Let’s Pray Together

3dogmom writes:
I am always grateful for the prayers of others, but I am especially touched when someone asks, “How may I pray for you?”

During this season of fullness, how may we pray for each other?

How may we:

  • Pray for you – you know how it is. Just when you get yourself settled (or think you have yourself settled), more possibilities arise. There are some things on the horizon that might mean some life changes. No idea, could be nothing. I would appreciate prayers for discernment, budgeting, transitions and relationships.
  • Pray for someone you carry on your heart – I have a dear friend who is leaving on Sunday for the Congo to film an important documentary. Pray for her safety, the safety of her crew and that the film would bring light to the subject of healing from trauma.
  • Offer thanksgiving with you – where to begin? I have such a great life and so many things for which I can be thankful. I have rock star family, a job I love, a perfect apartment, lots of great opportunities, and a brilliant circle of friends. I am super blessed.
  • Ask God’s blessing in your life – I always go back to the Greek for blessing, which is about knowing God more than it is about getting stuff or being happy. I always want knowing God to take precedence over anything else I might request.
  • Lift up anything else in your heart – I’ve had some interesting things happen this year from which I am almost healed but still curious about the reason I needed to have these experiences. I know that clarity isn’t something God usually hands out, but I’d appreciate some in this case.