Taking a break from the values series to note some things for which I am extremely thankful.Today I am lounging in bed. After finishing yet another viewing Home for the Holidays I am lounging in bed, sipping coffee and texting with friends. In a bit I will do a workout and head over to Jim & Betty’s for a day of football watching. Perfect.

  • My french press
  • Someone else cleans my apt
  • Family in general. I’m sure yours is great, but mine is awesomer.
  • A job that I love working for a company that I’m proud of and a boss that is amazingly supportive
  • My church community
  • Friends old and new who love & encourage me, and kick my ass when I need it
  • For painful experiences. They suck, but I’m better for them.
  • To have autonomy
  • For the abilities I have
  • For health
  • My perfectly me-sized apartment. The one that’s cleaned by someone else
  • I have good hair
  • The ability to travel
  • An open mind
  • My education
  • Excellent taste in music
  • Who I get to be in the time & place where I get to live
  • That there is always more than enough
  • That on Thanksgiving Day it’s a sunny 71 degrees

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