Friday Five: Packing or Packrat?

Deb writes:

We are 90% done with the pack-em-up-and-move-em-out week here are our hacienda. One daughter is moving to her first apartment, the other daughter to her dorm for her freshman year of college. Not gonna lie, it was an adventure
these last few days!

As a part of the process, we let our daughters manage their own packing (with our input and support.) Part of that educational experience (for all of us) was letting them figure out how to create their own organization, make choices, and consolidate what they were packing. And also pack carefully enough so that they could still get everything in the car — and in the dorm/apartment!

It made me realize that there are some elements to packing and moving that are learned, and some that are innate. So let’s talk “packing or pack rat?” for this week’s Friday Five.

1. Are you a sorter or a pack rat? What I mean by that is, do you select what you are taking with you (on a trip, a new assignment, a vacation), or do you pack with abandon (overweight suitcases be damned!)

This depends on the situation, so I shall address all of the situations:

a) Trip – I pack in outfits for a trip, then add a couple of extras to account for weather and mood changes. I am a bit of an over-packer because I need options. One cannot predict one’s mood ahead of time.

b) Moving – EVERYTHING MUST GO. I am not precious about much when it means I may have to put it in a box, schlepp it to a new location, and then figure out where it has to go. That being said, I still have way too much crap.

c) Vacation – same as (a)

2. Who first helped you learn how to pack? Or did you just come into it by osmosis or natural gifting  (and need)?

This question assumes that I have at some point learned to pack. Despite my mother’s best efforts to make me an organizer, all of that genetic material bypassed me and went straight to my younger brother. I start out with the best laid plans and by the end it’s just shoving s&*t in boxes.

3. What’s your favorite kind of suitcase? Duffle? Soft-side? Wheels? (I am personally a fan of my “expanding zipper” wheelie suitcases. Saved my bacon on many a return trip home!)


4. Do you have that “packing gene” — or do you pack and cram what you need into every available space?

As mentioned earlier, I start out organized and it all goes to hell when I’m moving. When I’m traveling, I’m actually pretty good because it involved smaller amounts of my stuff. I pack in outfits, as I said, but I also do the rolling thing. Saves tons of space. My mom swears by space bags, but that’s too much work for me.

5. What’s one thing you’ve learned in traveling, packing or storing your belongings that you think everyone should know?

The more often you have to move your stuff around, the less stuff you want to have to move around.

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Packing or Packrat?

  1. I’m giggling at your packing gene answer because, indeed, it also bypassed me. I just can’t keep it together long enough to stay organized from first to last. Ah well. I still get there, perhaps with way too much stuff.

    Thanks for playing! 🙂

  2. Very interesting since I am moving and packing for 10 months in ME. Want to travel with only 3 suitcases. Lots of sorting and elimination. Less is better.

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