Blogging Elul – #8 Believe

Blogging Elul

The word “believe’ was explained to me as having and action component to it that makes it different from just “knowing” something. For example, I can sit in a dark room and know that if I get up and flip a switch, there will be light. But I don’t really believe that until I actually get up and flip the switch. There is a broad and very deep chasm between knowing and believing. It’s scary, dark, unknown and seemingly unleapable. It reminds me of the scene in the last decent Indiana Jones film when Indy has to step out onto nothing to get to the holy grail. Take the step. Oh sure, it doesn’t look like there’s anything there, but the old dude with the beard said to do it, so what could possibly go wrong? When you believe, it’s time to do. And until you do, just be.