Blogging Elul – Day 5: Know

Oprah knows a lot of things for sure, way more than me. Here’s just a couple of mine.

1. I love my Sunday afternoon naps

2. I will never say no to a pizza

3. Children are my favorite kind of people

4. I need music in my life

5. Football makes me happy

6. Cooking for other people is a way I express love

7. People are better than I think they are

8. Always be kind to the support staff – in a genuine way. They’re the ones who know how things work and will get the job done

9. Don’t take anything personally. It’s rarely about you.

10. People usually talk about the thing they struggle with most

11. Plato was right – everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

12. Words matter.

13. Waiting is frustrating and painful but usually worth it. Usually.

14. I become a horrible person when I drive – lots of yelling. I don’t want that to be who I really am.

15. I am useless when I don’t get enough sleep.

16. Everyone has an interesting story

17. Use your energy working hard at your job, not at finding ways of getting around doing your job

18. Listening is one of the most powerful things you can do

19. The next most powerful thing is forgiving

20. There’s a difference between being a traveler and being a tourist and most of the time I prefer being a traveler.

Blogging Elul

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