Blogging Elul – Day 1: Prepare

Most of my friends know that I’m obsessed (OBSESSED) with Jewish culture & all things Judaism. I’m not going to lie – I’m kind of jealous of my cousin who converted. I am too much about Jesus to do that myself, but I do love seeing the practices and traditions that connect Judaism and Christianity. The Jewish calendar follows the lunar cycles and they are in their last month of the year before the high holidays and the beginning of their new year.

One of my favorite bloggers is the Velveteen Rabbi, and she is posting every day on a different word related to the spiritual practices in this last month – not unlike the Christian practice of Lent leading up to Holy Week. I’ve decided to join this little venture, and day one’s word is prepare.

I like to prepare. Preparation makes me feel in control. I feel like I can minimize the surprises if I’ve thought through every possible outcome. The thing about spiritual preparation is that it’s the opposite – it’s preparing oneself to be surprised by God. I’m preparing this month to listen to God, to be open to God’s activity and to go where God wants me to go, even if that’s something that I’ve never thought of.

Blogging Elul