Back to the Bay

Since Thursday I’ve been in San Francisco visiting friends and doing the SF AIDS Walk with my company’s team. This is my first time back since I moved back to Phoenix last August. I have had the most fabulous time. The timing of this trip was about doing the AIDS Walk but also about some personal stuff that I’m needing to move past and I needed a change of scenery to do it. I think it’s working out. I’ve had a chance to see a lot of friends and to just enjoy their company and catch up. On some level it feels like I never left and I’m just hanging out with friends. However, it does feel different because when I did live here I was stressed and tired and broke and didn’t go out much. It’s FANTASTIC to have your friends live where you take your vacations. I totally see why people visit here now.

Unfortunately, housing prices here are taking another dramatic upturn and from what I understand you can’t get into a studio for under $1,700 a month and that’s a shithole with no kitchen. If you want something livable, it’s more like $1,900. For a studio. I can’t wrap my head around that any more. I have kind of mapped out what I want my next job to be with my company and if it does entail a move back to the Bay Area, there will be no more city dwelling for me. I’d prefer to stay where I am and I hope the job allows it, but if not, I’ll be a suburban girl. And even then, they’re going to have to pay me a LOT more money.

I thought my return to SF would have a much more emotional impact but really, it was just a great vacation. It was so much fun to see my friends and be part of the AIDS walk event. Here’s a picture of me at the event with my friend Bill. My boobs look like they’re poised to take over the planet.