Friday Five: Silly Sentences

revkjarla writes:

Because I am feeling silly, or perhaps, just out there, our FF is dedicated to creating silly sentences.  We all need a little meaningless creativity and humour, right?

Use these five words (in any tense) in a sentence:

1. pulpit, puppy, wrench, word, mouse

The puppy pulled out his wrench and said, “Well, my word, here’s your problem; there’s a mouse in the pulpit!”

2. weep, love, prayer, bassoon, chair

My prayer is that I don’t begin to weep and fall off the chair playing the bassoon I love.

3. heart, shutter, wish, turtle, walk

The shutter kept the sunlight from warming the turtle’s heart, who only wished she could walk a little faster.

4. howl, worry, window, story, trust

To howl out the window in worry is to not trust the story into which you were born.

5. garden, hat, shepherd, laugh, sigh

The shepherd took one look at my garden hat and began to laugh, a fit of giggles that ended in a contented sigh.