Holding Down the Fort

During my last year or so in San Francisco I did a lot of stuff to sort of keep my little church together while we were between pastors. I did a lot of the preaching and, as our church had to have an ordained person serve communion, I had to do a lot of recruiting of pastors in the area to come and serve communion for our community on Sunday evenings. The emails looked something like this:

“Hey, you know how you’ve been doing church all day at your own church? Want to come and do more church in the evening and say fancy words over our bread and juice? The upside is that we won’t pay you.”

When the new pastor (who is awesome & amazing & perfect for the job) came, she said to me, “Can I hug you? Every time I ask someone how to do something they always reply, ‘I don’t know. Tiffany does that.'”

It now appears that I’m in another situation where a fort needs holding. This is A LOT different than the previous situation in that I’ve only been at this church about 10 months. I’m not really in any kind of leadership, except that a sing some Sundays, and there are people in place to do most things.

Just the other day when I had my Reiki session I had a very strong sense from God that I’m to get back involved in worship in a creative capacity so I emailed the pastor and told her I’m ready to step up. At the right moment, apparently. We’re going to work on my role and what it’s going to be and then when an interim pastor comes in I can have things pretty well organized for them.

It’s time for me to get back into ministry leadership and I’m glad I was paying attention to those signals. I’m a little nervous because I’ve not been on the music side of things for a while now so I’m going to have to catch up. I also find it interesting that I’m doing the second of this type of transitions in a row. This could mean something.