Friday Five: Random

revkjarla writes:

Hey there gals and pals,
Happy Friday to you!

Here are a few fivers to get you ready for whatever is next in your day (or keep you procrastinating for awhile before you do what you need to do.)

1.  If you were a character in a children’s storybook, which storybook would it be, or what character, and why?

My favorite children’s books are The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, both by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I would love to say that I’d be the noble, graceful Sara Crewe of The Little Princess, bravely enduring hardship and still maintaining a capacity for generosity. That might be a stretch. What I like about these books, though, is that there is a theme of a village being required to redeem these two little girls from their internal and external circumstances, so I’d like to say I’d be one of the village.

2.  What is something you are looking forward to this weekend?

This weekend will include a Saturday Familypalooza because Saturday is my mom’s birthday and Sunday is Father’s Day, so we’re all going up to Prescott for a hike and a picnic. Then on Sunday I’m serving communion at my church for the first time. The Sunday nap and Mad Men are also things I look forward to weekly. Monday (I’m off on Mondays as well) I have a session with my spiritual director. Good weekend indeed.

3.  If you had an invisibility cloak for a day, how would you use it?

Ummm…to be invisible. Duh. 🙂

4.  I “lose” my keys all the time.  In fact, sometimes I lose them several times a day.  It is so bad that a member of my congregation gave me “instantly remember where you left your keys intense memory-stimulating mint gum.”  Is there something you misplace or lose often? 

I continually lose the trifecta of keys/phone/sunglasses. My mom is super organized, which clearly skips a generation, and has her purse organized in what I like to refer to as “columns” so she knows exactly where everything is at all times. I can’t seem to get that system going, so for now, it’s a regular re-tracing of steps.

5.  Use the following words in a sentence:   ladybug, rowing, diner, sloth, and knitting.

The ladybug waited anxiously in the diner, knitting to take her mind of her worries, but knowing that the sloth was rowing to meet her so she could theoretically be waiting for days.