Friday Five: Be On Your Way

Deb writes:

RevGal Jan is under the weather, so we are swapping weeks for the Friday Five. (Feel better, Jan!) Actually, I want to thank her because she inspired me when she recently shared this poem by Rumi:

It’s your road, and yours alone.

Others may walk it with you,

but no one can walk it for you.

A road in Bavaria.

I reflected on this poem for a while and thought about some new “roads” that my progeny are beginning. Both are graduating (one from high school, one from college). I am also looking at a possible new “road” in a much hoped-for job. It’s been a winding path to get this point!

So in thinking about our life’s journey, and the rhythm of our lives, here’s five questions on this theme…

1. What “road” is in your immediate future? 

The road in my immediate future is a new one. It’s unfamiliar but not scary, well lit, but obscure, warm but unknown. I’m kind of excited about it.

2. Where have you been “traveling” a lot lately — and are you going back there? 

The last 8 or 9 months have been traveling the road of adjustment to a new context. The last month in particular has been a crash course in new places, experiences, and people, and it’s all been amazing. I’m not a person who goes back and

3.  Who are your fellow travelers? 

You hate to name names because what if I forget someone? Here are some: Jill, Lilyan, Mom, Anni, Momi, Stephen, Kenny, Heather, Kyle, and the girls from 40 Forward. They know who they are 😉

4.  Who are the unintentional companions (or hitchhikers) that you find on the road with you? 

I think I’ve only had pleasant hitchhikers for the most part. The women from 40Forward with whom I traveled to Spain last year have become companions that were unexpected and so pleasantly surprising. I’ve also had some unexpected companions, mostly in a work environment, who have been unwanted companions, but I learned more about myself and how to (or not t0) function in a professional environment than anyone else, so I’m thankful for them. I just don’t want them on my journey for very long 🙂

5.  As a family, we always recite “the traveler’s prayer” — a tongue-in-cheek petition as we pull out of the driveway (“Lord, whatever we have forgotten, may it not be important!”) What have you forgotten lately, and did it matter? 

If I knew, I wouldn’t have forgotten it, no?

BONUS: Share a photo of a road you’ve traveled. Or of traveling companions who have made the journey special. Or perhaps there’s a song or another poem that suits your journey. If so, please share!

Here’s a picture from a recent more literal trip to Egypt with some of my traveling companions. From far left, Me, Jill, Sophie (Jill’s Daughter), Monagirls in egypt