Friday Five

revkjarla writes:

Hey there gals and pals!
Happy Friday Five….and although I don’t have a theme for this Friday, I do have five questions for you to ponder upon:

1.  If you could hear what someone is thinking for a day, who would you choose, and why?

This is difficult, but a good question. On the one hand, there are some men who’s thoughts I’d like to hear but I’m afraid that there would be some level of disappointment if I listened for a whole day. I’d also be intrigued to hear the thoughts of some politicians whom I do not respect. If I could hear what they were thinking, perhaps I could muster some sympathy for their positions, or at least some respect for them. I think if I have to decide on one person, I’d say Hillary Clinton, just so I could find out if she’s running in 2016 🙂

2.  If you were trapped in a tv show for a month, which show would you choose, and why?

There are shows I love and shows I’d love to be trapped in. I love Mad Men, but would not want to be trapped in it for a month – a bit dark. I’m going to go with The Newsroom.

3.  If you could do any job in the world for a day, what would it be?

I’d like to be a political journalist. I love following politics and I feel like the journalism standards in this country are pathetic. I’d like to be inside for a day and see what’s going on.

4.  What are you loving right now? 

I’m listening to the North & South trilogy and I’m on the second book, Love & War. It’s amazing.

5.  Use these words in a sentence:    bless, cheeseburger, chihauha, skipping, Georgia.

The chihauaha was skipping all the way to Georgia, just so she could bless the cheeseburger.

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