Advent Day 16: A Prayer for Gaudete Sunday & Newton, CT

A Prayer from RevGalBlogPals for Sunday Advent 3C


Today we lit the Advent candle of joy reminding us of the joy that the Christ child brought into this world.

And yet today Lord, it is difficult to feel any joy with the death of 20 children and 8 adults just days ago in Newtown, Connecticut.

We are stunned, silenced, saddened and angered that this tragedy could happen.

We think of our children and want to protect them, keep them safe and draw them close to us.

And we grieve for those who hearts are broken by empty hands, empty beds, and empty spaces in their lives.

We pray for the children and teachers who survived that they may heal from their traumatic memories, fears, grief and loss.

We pray for the First Responders and Policemen that their hearts and minds be healed also.

We pray for the parents, counselors, pastors who will help the children and teachers who survived that they will be good listeners and able to help in the healing process.

We pray for our country where it seems like violence has become too commonplace.

We pray for our world where often children are the ones who suffer most when there is war, hunger, poverty.

We pray for ourselves Lord that you would heal our broken hearts and help us to be healing agents in this broken world.

We pray for the day your son does come again bringing joy for everyone.

Come Lord Jesus come……..

 cross posted at rev abi’s long and winding road and a place for prayer

One thought on “Advent Day 16: A Prayer for Gaudete Sunday & Newton, CT

  1. Tough times for the “joy” Sunday of Advent. I sang in my choir’s “Sing Joy” cantata today. We all pretty much wept through yesterday morning’s dress rehearsal. “The night is gone, his light has come” may be true, and we sang it out, but it’s hard to believe right now.

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