Advent Day 8: My 2012 Advent

2012 was a year of waiting for me. As I’ve mentioned, it was a tough time for me both personally and professionally. I was feeling my time in my job and in San Francisco drawing to a close but didn’t know what that would mean and what was coming next. When things came together so beautifully in August, it felt like my Christmas after many months of Advent. Now we’re in actual church calendar Advent and I’m kind of over the waiting side of things because I’m still living in a space of Christmas is here and it is AWESOME!

I’m super excited for Christmas this year. It was all I could do to not listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, because that would have been wrong. I waited until after Dec. 1st to put up my tree (Dec. 2nd – I’m the very picture of restraint). I have MANY gifts wrapped up and expectantly sitting under my tree and many more waiting for the wrapping treatment. It feels like Christmas Eve will NEVER get here! One good thing about being German is that we have an aversion to opening gifts in daylight so that’s one less day we have to wait.

Xmas tree 2012

The reality of our lives as people and followers of Christ is that we are constantly living in the paradox of already/not yet. Just as I think Christmas is here and it’s over, I remember that the baby doesn’t stay a baby. The Baby grows up, becomes a Man has an incredible, world-altering ministry. The Man is killed, but doesn’t stay dead. Then after the Man defeats death, he promises to come again. We have the presence of Christ already, but somehow not yet. Life is a constant cycle of Advent to Christmas and back again, whether the calendar agrees or not.

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