That’s What She Said

No one loves a well-placed “That’s what she said” more than I do. In fact, my younger brother, who is a comedic genius, started doing this MANY years ago before it was made popular by The Office. Only, the version my brother used was “That’s what Princess Di said.” Before you freak out at his irreverence, this was BEFORE she passed and I don’t think I’ve heard him use it since, so he does have some sense of decorum.

We’ve discussed that I’m loud and opinionated on many occasions. It’s part of my charm. I yell at bad drivers the most. If my car were a person and it only knew me as a driver it would HATE me. I’m really rude and profane. When I’m out in public and see people wearing awful things I mutter under my breath about the awful things they are wearing. I justify it because I’m not saying/thinking anything about their character or who they are as a person. It’s just about their appearance or driving skills.

The other night I heard Iyanla Vanzant say (I know – you’re going to hear a lot about her – I heart her) that we are attacked or we screw up most in the areas where we are gifted or called. I’m not going to write a ton about this here but if you want to scroll back about five years you’ll see that I’ve written a lot about calling and identity. I have an idea of the core of who God wants me to be and am always exploring what it looks like. I’m pretty sure that it’s not yelling at them in my car.

Therefore, I’ve started this little practice of adding my own version of “That’s what she said” to my profanity-laced rants. After I’ve finished eviscerating them and their family members several generations back, I add, “For whom Jesus died.” That’s usually followed by “Damnit. Sorry.” Here’s an example:

I’m on the freeway, on my way to work and someone cuts in front of me and then proceeds to slow to 5 mph below the speed limit. Me: “You pull out in front of me and slow down? IDIOT!!! For whom Jesus died. Damnit. Sorry.” And so on. See how easy that is?


One thought on “That’s What She Said

  1. I’m not a Christian. Haven’t been for quite some years now. However, I love your saying “For whom Jesus died”. It really makes one stop and think about the person we’re frustrated with. I’m going to have to start doing something like this. Thank you.

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