Friday Five: I Haz A Happy

I haz a happy and her name is Cooper dog who loves her ballE

revkjarla writes:
Dearest RevGalBlogGals and Pals….
Yes, it’s true, it’s already the second Friday in November.   Lot’s has happened–horrible storms, the election, plus, whatever is happening in your own lives….

It’s time to take a breather, and so, our Friday Five is to find your happy places, so that in spite of snow (here), in spite of it getting dark by 4 pm (here), in spite of (fill in the blank) you (I) remember the joyful sweetness of our lives!

Give us five “I haz a happy”s…… for your Friday Five.  AND, bonus points for photos!!!!!

Tell us that you played in the comments by using the formula below.  Can’t wait to read!

My Happy Places:

1. At the bottom of a pile of my  niece & nephew

2. Cooking in my kitchen

3. Shopping

4. Theater

5. Reading


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