In true not super self-aware fashion, it’s slowly dawning on me that my transition from SF to Phoenix has been a bigger deal than I originally thought. At no point have I questioned my decision to move here. I know that was the right thing. But I’ve tried to move here and be the same person I was there and I’m coming to realize that’s not going to work.

I’ve posted previously that I easily found a church here and I feel like I’m not ready to be in leadership there but I will someday. Today in the service I heard from God through the message and it confirmed what I’d been feeling and that is that i need to listen for who I’m going to be here instead of trying to make it happen.

I’m an ambitions, bull-by-the-horns girl, not afraid to act in times of decision, and that is not a bad characteristic. In fact, much of the time I’m grateful for it. This transition has made me aware of the other side of action and decision making that is more in tune with what God is doing and less about what I think is right at the moment. The goal is to integrate these two things, but since I’m not only navigating major transition but also processing some personal recovery, I am erring on the side of listening. This is not an easy thing for me. I want to rush in and make my life happen. God is telling me right now that God will direct my life right now and that I am to move when prompted so I’m going with that.

One of the things I wanted when I moved here was to develop a community of friends in my apartment complex. They have events here monthly but of course they’ve all happened when I’ve been working. We have an internal social networking site, but I don’t always get over to it. But this weekend I met my first neighbor! She and her daughter were out walking their very tiny dog. Very friendly and live one building over. Hopefully I’ll get to know them a little more.

I’m also very interested in getting involved with Not for Sale. I was surprised to learn they don’t have much of a presence in Arizona, a state whose border has been in the news a bit. There are a lot of opportunities, especially one to host an event with my church and network with other faith leaders. Taking it slow and listening, but maybe will look more into this after the first of the year.


One thought on “Transitioning

  1. Oh Tiff! I SO know what you’re going thru. It is incredibly tough. That initial wave of newness washes out the old life, but as it recedes you’re left realizing that you have to rebuild. As much as we all know better, there is a reflex to try to recreate the things you most treasured about your previous situation (“Oh, how lucky are the people in this new community that I can introduce them to_____.”).My observation: it takes TWO full years before you BEGIN to really understand what God has for you there. TWO years of friend dating before you find that core of supportive relationships. TWO years before you know where you like to shop, what’s worth doing, etc. And it absolutely cannot be forced or rushed. It’s a life-gestation period.

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