Friday Five: Change

Martha Spong writes:

1) Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and seen yourself with surprise? Why?

I am not quite there in my journey, however, I do have that issue when I look at old pictures of myself.  It’s coming, though.

2) Have you ever witnessed a change in routine at church that upset people? (Hahahahaha!!!! I know you have!)

I tend to avoid churches that are squeamish about change. However, there was one sacred tradition my church in SF did not abide messing with – Hawaiian bread at communion. World Communion Sunday was the only time we ever messed with this and even then there was a bit of grumbling. Otherwise, we were all about doing things differently.

3) Have you ever been surprised or inconvenienced by a change in a public setting (not church)?

When I lived in San Francisco, there were constant changes with public transit, which inconvenienced me greatly.

4) Has the passage of time changed your understanding of something you used to think you knew for sure?

Tons of things. In fact, I feel like if that doesn’t happen, something’s wrong.

5) Is there something you’re trying to change, or want to change, in your life right now?

Yes there is. It’s tough to change habits and I’m still getting used to a new routine. I have a tendency to act first, feel later. I’m trying to integrate myself a bit better and not jump into new situations, but rather be led by God into tham.

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