Moving Forward, and also Back

I haven’t written much because so much has been going on that I couldn’t make public and then when I could make it public I didn’t have time to.

Life is moving me back to Phoenix after 14 years in San Francisco. I started to think about it a few months ago and then when I was there in July it became clear to me that it was the right thing to do. I looked at an apartment and started talking to stores about transferring. Then I got a call back from a job that I’d applied for a few months back and frankly kind of forgot about. It’s a training job at our Online division’s fulfillment center. After a series of interviews over a couple of weeks’ time I was offered the job. Pretty amazing and pretty quick.

This has all fallen into place so perfectly it’s hard to even believe, except that I’m surrounded by boxes so it most likely is happening. I have this amazing apartment with a garage (GARAGE) and laundry, a balcony, granite counter tops, new everything, HUGE closet, etc. I’m working 4-10 hour days, all 3-day weekends, a raise, and I get to do a job that is 100% Learning & Development stuff. Ridiculous.

I’m really excited to be near family and to see the niece & nephew grow up. I’m ready to live in a place where everything is less of a struggle. I’m not leaving SF in a negative place at all, but it is a difficult place to live. I know. I’ve done it for 14 years. It’s just time for the next thing. I’ve loved it here and I will love it there. I will get to visit often, what with all that extra time and money I’ll have 🙂



4 thoughts on “Moving Forward, and also Back

  1. Hey, Tiffany, Jules here (the blogger formerly known as Cheesehead). So happy for your news. I’ve been following you for a few years now. My daughter works at the flagship store of one of your brands (the store where all the tourists stand in line) as a visual merch–she’s been there for a a little over three years. I always liked that I knew somebody else in the city who worked for the same company–even though I don’t even know if you ever met. Anyway, I hope this move is exactly what you dream for. God bless!

  2. Jules! I also followed your Cheeseheadedness. Such a small world – I probably know your daughter. I walk over there on my lunch all the time and know quite a few of their leaders. I’ll miss it but am super excited for the new/old adventure. Thanks for posting!

  3. It’s been 14 years already? I remember when you first moved to SF! Wow. Here’s the crazy thing… I moved back from SF after only 8 years but got to move into an apartment exactly like you described. I was (still am) in heaven: huge closet, laundry in the bathroom (!), all appliances, parking underground! crazy good transition from SF housing 🙂 I hope your transition is smooth, and I’m excited to hear about how it all goes! Am subscribing now to your blog.

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