Massive Vacation Part 4

June 29, 2012
A couple of days have passed and we’re leaving. It’s hard to believe that something we’ve all anticipated for a year is over. It was truly amazing. If I could find a way to stay here forever I totally would. However, that doesn’t seem like it’s the right thing to do. I’m looking forward to seeing my family and yet I’m anxious to get back to work – not because I want to work but because I want the drama to be over and I want to get a different job ASAP. (more on this later…)

Yesterday was a free day and I laid around. It was Jill’s actual birthday so we woke her up in our robes with a cake and mimosas. Then we did yoga and swam. They made the most BEAUTIFUL paella for our lunch and we feasted like queens. Then the dessert was this rich chocolate hazelnut thing that was so wonderful. I super loved it. I was going to go into Palma that afternoon, but took a nap instead (that’s a theme with me) and then we went to the most elegant dinner I’ll probably ever experience.

Today I did not do the mountain biking and I’m so glad. Turns out it was super treacherous and scary and I would have turned around quickly. There apparently was crying, heat and lots of thirst. I got some rest and went into town with Mona and picked up some souvenirs for family. Tonight our last supper was at Nunu’s restaurant, where we had our first meal here. Such a delightful place.


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