Massive Vacation Part 3

June 26, 2012
Today was a free day. I slept in until 9ish and then went down to breakfast. The breakfast this woman puts out is ridiculous. All these homemade bread, meats , cheeses, fruit, home made jams, yogurt, fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee. And these chocolate croissants – amazing. The proprietress of the finca is called Llum (pronounced yoom). She is the hostess of hostesses. I’ve told the girls that when I get home it will be weird to not be able to call Llum and have whatever I need/want appear in minutes. She’s arranged meals, transport, events, olive oil orders, you name it. She’s so wonderful. I love her. And not JUST because she hooks us up. She is so sweet and gracious and loves her life here and just makes this an absolutely fabulous experience. She also has a super hot husband, so that can’t hurt.

I was going to walk to Soller with some of the girls but they needed to leave earlier than I could get my face on so I walked on my own into and then around town. Mallorca in general and Soller in particular is very popular with tourists, particularly German tourists. Almost everything that is written here is in Catalan, German & English. All the satellite tv stations in the room are German. The shop keepers and restaurant staff people speak way better German than English. Add that to the fact that everything that comes out of my mouth is French for some reason and I do a lot of pointing.

I did buy a pair of shoes, because, well, I’m in Spain, and so of course I’m going to buy a pair of shoes. They’re cute and they’re this style of shoe that is very popular here and it’s kinda unisex, think Tom’s w/o the charity element. I’ll post a picture.

I love exploring new places on my own. I find it very empowering. About 7 years ago I went to New York to see Jill and I spent a day wandering around NYC alone, shopping, going to the MOMA, and I went to a Broadway show. It was one of the best days of my 30s for sure. I super love that kind of thing. I had a lovely caprese salad for lunch in Soller and grabbed a scoop of gelato. It was really warm today so that really hit the spot.

I came back to the finca and spent the afternoon swimming and lying about the pool. It was perfect. During all this I got to hear the stories of some of the women here, and I have to say, they are all really amazing. These women have experienced death of family/friends, special needs children, divorce, cancer, depression, and myriad other things and I haven’t come close to this kind of suffering.


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