Massive Vacation Part 2

So sea kayaking is kind of amazing. And it doesn’t suck when your first time is in the Mediterranean in perfect weather. I started off in my own boat and started to feel sick, so I partnered up with Jill and got sicker and did end up hurling off the side of the boat. In front of the hot SINGLE guide Juan, of course. After that I felt loads better and I came to the conclusion that I may have a virus. That’s the 3rd time I’ve puked in 3 days and while I do get some motion sickness, never to that degree. There was all kinds of crap floating around work before I left so that’s entirely possible.

But did I mention the water? It was constantly changing shades of blue, green, teal, aqua, turquoise and no major waves at all. I’m told that’s to do with the lack of reefs, but whatever the reason, it made for a delightful first experience. We also hopped out and swam for about 30 minutes. That was absolute heaven. It was so lovely and perfect and Just relaxing and helped me release a little more of my real-life anxiety.

This afternoon, I relaxed by the pool and tried to rest the bug away. I’m definitely feeling better. Felt a little woozy after lunch but not at all after dinner. I think it’s leaving the system. Dinner was delightful – salad, freshly caught cod and a cheesecake dessert with homemade orange schmutz. They called it marmalade, but it really wasn’t what I associate with marmalade. It was lovely. The cheesecake was very light and fluffy, too. Tomorrow night we’re having dinner at this place that supposedly has an amazing view and specializes in traditional Mallorcan cuisine. Apparently I have to call it cuisine.

So far I really like all the women that are here. Not a bitch in the bunch. We’ve had fun conversations from the deep to the ridiculous and it’s all been good. There’s even someone here who’s name on Match dot com is my(hername)love and I only just barely judged her. It must have been the wine.

I see the world in connections and similes and so while there are things that have happened and could be used in sermons, I’m trying to back my brain off a little bit and just enjoy things.

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