Who broke the weather channel?

I am privileged to live in a destination city and work in a destination Flagship store. However, the retail calendar doesn’t bend to the barometric pressure of one particular market, so because the calendar reads “June” we have summer stuff.  We’ve been blessed with some pretty nice weather over the last couple of weeks, but generally, we are a cool climate in June & July and have our true “summer” in September & October. As I mentioned, we are a destination city and store location, so we have a lot of tourists as we get more into summer, and the majority of them don’t seem to have the foresight to check the weather where they are going. I can’t tell you how many tourists come running into the store, shivering, teeth chattering, a slight blue cast to their lips, asking if I have any wool coats. No. I don’t. It’s JUNE. I get that it’s cooler here, but seriously, WHO DOESN’T CHECK THE WEATHER WHEN THEY GO ON VACATION??

Here’s our forecast for the next couple of days. Pretty nice, right? But check those overnight lows. A person needs a jacket when it’s mid 50s. The word “California” seems to keep people from realizing that we’re a pretty big state with lots of climates.

On Tuesday I leave for the longest trip I’ve taken in over 10 years. I’ve been checking the weather OBSESSIVELY for the last week. It seems to keep getting warmer in these places, like they know it’s June or something. The first leg of my trip is Philadelphia. The weather was looking ok for a while there:


A bit warm at points but totally doable. Now here’s what we’re looking at for when I’m there:

97 on my first day in Philly? UNACCEPTABLE! I’m no wimp when it comes to heat. I’m from Phoenix, FREAKING, Arizona. I know from heat. However, this 97-degree east coast bullshit comes complete with oppressive humidity that will suck the life out of all that is in its path. I know. I’ve lived there.

The next week of my trip is in Soller, which is a town on the island of Majorca, one of the Baleric Islands off the coast of Spain. I know. Jealous? I’m almost jealous of myself.  The weather there is about the same, slightly milder, and I don’t really know about the humidity.

Bit of a one-note forecast, but it’s a note I can live with.

The final leg of the trip is the aforementioned Phoenix, FREAKING, Arizona where I will be treated to temperatures in the 110s. Fine. I can do this because the humidity is less than 10%. Sure, I get raging headaches from the dehydration, but I’ll have an AMAZING tan after less than 3 minutes outside. And isn’t looking good the goal here?

Did you catch that I snapped this at 10:10 pm and it’s still 91 degrees there? Yep. The LOW is Majorca’s HIGH. Packing is a challenge but I’ll be able to do laundry at all stops and I’ll make this work. You know why? I CHECK THE WEATHER.


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