Friday Five: Dreams

I have just started studying Jung and dreams with a group of friends. I am hearing about lucid dreaming and imagining, which have opened me up to wondering about dreams in general. So how about wondering with me?

1. Everyone dreams: Do you remember your dreams? How often?

I dream very vividly and remember the details most of the time. I have common dream locations that are often expanded or built upon or re-visited.

2. Did you or do you have a recurring dream? Share it, if you’d like.

For a few years I had a dream that my high school boyfriend returned after 15 years and announced we were getting married and everyone was very excited and started planning, but I was NOT into it at all. In the dream I can’t stop my mom from getting excited and planning and no one will listen to me. I follow the guy around trying to explain to him that we don’t know each other AT ALL and that I don’t want to do this. I keep asking him questions, like “What was my major in college?” and he just brushes me off like it’s not a big deal. Yeah, I have commitment issues.

3.Have you ever had recurring themes or images in dreams? Examples?

I have an odd, cartoonish version of San Francisco that is often the setting of my dreams. Lots of hills, proportions are way off, etc. There’s often running or chasing in my dreams, me or other people.

4. Do you day dream? About what?

I do indeed. My daydreams are mostly rehearsing conversations, thinking about a lot of “what ifs”, like what if I win the lottery. I also am a planner, so I think a lot about possible outcomes for different things at work or plans I have. I make lists, like to-do lists, shopping or grocery lists. There’s always something going on in this brain.

5. What are your dreams/hopes/goals for the future?

Because my brain is so active, I often have fantasies for the future, but I’m not so good with actual dreams/goals. I’ve just recently had to remind myself that I need to desire God more than the things that I fantasize about and so I’m trying to discipline myself to turn my thoughts back to knowing God rather than obsessing about the things that I think might make my life better. My hope and goal for the future is that I will be more in tune with what God wants for my future and I will live accordingly.

One thought on “Friday Five: Dreams

  1. hoe wonderful to have recurring, expanding, adventuring dreams–what a gift! I believe your #5 applies to most of us; Peace!

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