Friday Five: More Randomness

revkjarla writes:

Happy Friday, Gals and Pals…
Our FF today is in honor of spontaneous thinking!
1. What religion/faith besides yours captures your curiousity and why?

Judaism. I have always been obsessed with Jewish history and culture. Hebrew was my FAVE in seminary and I super love all of Chaim Potok’s books. I have a cousin who converted and I’m kinda jealous. I am very into the Jewishness of Christianity and the more I explore, the more I see the connections.

2. What is the first or most memorable pop song you ever learned as a kid?

Tainted Love by Soft Cell and a lot of Air Supply.

3. If God were a color…..(finish this sentence creatively)

if God were a color, God would be one of those blocks of melty crayons that was all the colors and every time you wrote with it you would get something new.

4. If you were going to make a sandwich right now for lunch, and you magically had all the items you need for it, what would that sandwich be?

Dutch crunch roll, a THIN layer of olive oil mayo, a DOT of cranberry mustard, ham (preferably Black Forrest), lettuce & pickles. OR, a panini of fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and just a drizzle of olive oil. Just. A. Drizzle.

5. How are you doing? Really, how are you?

Yeah, like you want to know. Kidding! Ummm…better. Less frustrated. I had a moment when I realized that I’m spinning my wheels (career-wise) without asking God how God is forming me in this situation and how I can learn. I feel like I’m much more centered these days.

Bonus: What are you enjoying/loving right now?

Herman Wouk’s The Winds of War and War and Remembrance on Netflix.


One thought on “Friday Five: More Randomness

  1. Your sandwiches sound delicious–I am a lover of olive oil, too.

    Air Supply!! Takes me right back to high school….and blessings to you on your career journey….the wheel spinny thing sucks. I love your prayer of asking God on how you can learn….

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