Friday Five: Birthdays

kathrynjz writes:

There’s a birthday for an adult member of my family today. I will admit, I’m not very good at celebrating birthdays. Sadly, the adults in my life have suffered from this affliction. I do manage to rally for my son (now age 7).

I could bore you with my own personal history of birthday laments which may have led to this attitude… but I won’t (you’re welcome). Instead I’d love to hear your birthday memories.

My response:

My birthday was on Sunday, and not just any birthday, but the BIG 4-0. It’s like Kathryn was thinking of me.

1) What is the first birthday you remember?

The first birthday I remember was when I turned 4 and we had a party in my preschool class. The teacher made a comment that I was old now because I was 4. I totally remember glaring at her and thinking, “What is wrong with you? I’m not old. I’m FOUR.”

However, the first birthday without a patronizing preschool teacher was my 6th birthday. It was 1978. I got a gorgeous purple bike with a white banana seat and a white basket with pink daisies and streamers.  My parents took me and Cindy Hart to Cine Capri to see Star Wars. The original. The first one. The one WITHOUT Jar-Jar Binks and George Lucas’s myopic hubris. It was magical.

2) Do you recall a favorite gift?

The bike was pretty awesome. I’m also old & have a terrible memory, so I’m going to go with what I’ve gotten this year, so far. I say so far, since I tend to drag birthday celebrations out as long as possible. I’ve been taken to 2 concerts – Snow Patrol & Kristin Chenoweth. Both amazing in their own unique way. I know. I’m complex.

3) Has anyone ever tried to surprise you for your birthday? Did it work? Was it fun?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a surprise bday party. I like to own the bday plans because I have definite ideas about what I like and I don’t love surprises.

4) Do you have a favorite birthday dessert?

The best bday cake I ever had was for my 7th bday. It was a Baskin-Robbins cake with chocolate mint ice cream, chocolate cake in the SHAPE OF R2-D2! It was the very definition of awesome.

What I like to do these days is embrace the timing of my birthday with the height of strawberry season to have strawberry shortcake as my bday treat. Not just any regular strawberry shortcake. Instead of shortcake, I use brownies. Not just any regular brownie. The Ghiradelli Sweetened Cocoa powder has a recipe on the back that is so far the best brownie recipe I’ve ever experienced. Of course, some home-made whipped cream.

5) Describe what would be your ‘perfect birthday’.

This past bday was pretty perfect. A group of friends and I rented a house in Bodega Bay and had parties. It was lovely. Europe would also be nice.


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