Friday Five: Mission Impossible

revkjarla writes:

I am in mission trip mode right now, as I get ready to take a group of youth to DC to do service work around hunger and homelessness issues. So, in that spirit, our FF is Mission Style! So here are your questions:

1) Have you ever been on a mission trip, as a participant or adult chaperone? What was it like?

I have been on one mission trip as a participant – July 2001 as a seminary student I went to Kenya with a group of my fellow music students. We spent 2 weeks there teaching ministers about worship, basic music lessons and we gave a concert in our village. It was amazing. I can conjure the memories and re-live them like it was yesterday. We also had a few days of R&R at the end of the trip (highly recommended) where we did a safari and visited the Mara and some local attractions. It was amazing.

2) What is the worst thing that happened to you/your group on a mission trip (or retreat, or camp, or Habitat for Humanity experience, or something like that–hey, this is YOUR Friday Five, so you get to play it how you would like.)

I have experienced broken down buses/vans/trucks by the side of the road in the desert between Phoenix & LA many times. Most of my trips have been camps or choir tours, so there was a lot of that. I did go on a 12-day choir tour in college and our conductor was fired 2 weeks before the trip. They brought in this guy who was RIDICULOUS. It was a fun trip, though.

3) If money were no object, where would you want to go to help and serve? What would you do?

Most likely, I’d want to go back to Africa and work with the orphans there. I’d love to teach, maybe bring over some resources. Honestly, though, I just want to be with the people and let them know that we know what they’re going through and they’re not alone.

4) What would be your advice to someone who will be sleeping in a gym with 20 other people for a week?

Don’t go on a trip where you’ll have to sleep in a gym with 20 other people for a week.

5) Any parting thoughts, stories, or questions you have around the whole theme of Mission Trips?

Let go of your personal agenda. Be open to what you’ll hear and experience. Don’t go in with the attitude that you’re the savior of the moment. Have some humility. Go to learn and grow and be amazed.


3 thoughts on “Friday Five: Mission Impossible

  1. “go to learn and grow and be amazed”–pretty much sums it all up, don’t you think?
    Maybe that’s how we should approach each day! Awesome play!

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