Friday Five: Holy Week Favorites

Holy Week is upon us.

Realizing that most of our readers are clergy, and that clergy don’t necessarily have the opportunity to fully worship when they are responsible for leading (creating, writing, facilitating) worship:

I invite you to share five favorite Holy Week things, five things that are truly worshipful for you.  It may be that it’s the way they are done in your congregation (or were done in a previous one).  It may be your personal preparation for certain services or observances.

Breathe.  Be still.  Look to the week ahead, and Holy Weeks past, and imagine the worship.

Bonus:  a piece of music that “is” Holy Week for you.

1. Silence. Any time I can have silence either alone or in community, it settles me in to a deep peace that centers me and allows me to focus on God.

2. Darkness. I need physical darkness in the worship setting to remind me of the darkness of the loss God felt at the death of Jesus.

3. John 13-17. I should read those chapters more often, but this time of year they have special meaning and remind me of where my mind should be.

4. Hand-washing. We do a hand-washing service on Maundy Thursday and it’s very meaningful. I’ve been part of foot-washing services and, I have to say, I find them creepy. Hand washing is my speed.

5. Palm Sunday. This Sunday always reminded me that the people who said “Hosanna” on Sunday said “Crucify Him” on Friday, and that I am one of them. It puts me in my place and puts things in perspective.

Bonus: I’m obsessed with this song and we’re doing it on Easter. Love it.

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