Friday Five: Essentials Edition

KathrynJZ writes:

I’m heading from unseasonably warm temperatures and no snow to a place of GREAT SNOW. Sadly, for reasons that don’t need to be boringly laid out here, I am sans decent winter boots at the moment so I need to find some… NOW!

In the meantime I am shaking my head at myself. How could I possibly be without one of the key essentials for living in my environment?

Every area is different. What are the 5 key essentials needed for where you live?
And bonus – what have folks looked twice at you for because you wore it out of place.

In San Francisco, you need:

1. A big bag. Those tiny purses are cute, but the only way to make it through the day is by schlepping an entire wardrobe every day b/c we’re all about the layers here. It’s freezing in the morning and evening, and warm in the date time. You start layered up, you peel as the day goes on, and then replace the layers when the sun goes down.

2. Tom’s. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE here wears Tom’s. This would be my bonus answer as well because when I wear mine when I go home to Phoenix, people ask, “are those the charity shoes?” Yes. Yes they are.

3. Clipper Card. It’s the easiest way to pay for all the buses that never come and the trains that get stuck.

4. A yoga mat. We’re a fitness-crazy city and there are small yoga studios on every corner and most of the gyms have great yoga classes as well.

5. Cardigans. We wear layers here. See #1.

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