2012 Oscars

Because the world needs my thoughts, here I go watching this year’s Oscars.

Billy’s intro – so far, brilliant. Asking Clooney to say “I’m Batman” was brilliant. And the Bieber moment, kinda funny. The flying with film thing was a little lame. Someone on Twitter said they bet that there will be a joke in there about Albern Nobbs having no nob, so we’ll see.

Monologe: Chapter 11 theater. Funny. Hanks is a memory. Good one. Otherwise, it was ok, but not awesome. Last note was completely flat. They zoomed in on Tony Bennett at the end.

1st awards presented by Tom Hanks: He looks good. Short hair and gray gotee. Highlighting Carl the seat filler for the last 59 years. Super cute in his blue tux w/ the ruffles. Achievement in Cinematography goes to Robert Richardson for Hugo. Long gray flowing hair – not a good look. I love how they say the award is for “all past, present & future filmmakers” but he’s the one keeping it. Achievement in Set Decoration: Hugo, Dante Feretti & Francesco al Schaivo. et al. I still haven’t seen this and I really want to see it in 3D. Hopefully it will be in a few more theaters since it’s winning.

“Your Name Here” Theater. He’s going to do that.

Oh God, a montage. I super hate montages & this one isn’t starting well. Forrest Gump, Titanic, Twilight. A movie montage of people watching movies. It’s got iconic movie quotes, scenes, sounds, characters.

Cameron Diaz & Jennifer Lopez to present costume awards. Jennifer, you could not be wearing a less flattering dress. It’s not a good look. It’s hugging and plunging in all the wrong places. Cameron, on the other hand – stunning. Costume design goes to Mark Bridges for The Artist. Apparently it was converted to black and white later. That must have been frustrating for him. Achievement in Makeup goes to Mark Coulier & J. Roy Helland for the Iron Lady. I super disagree, given the other nominees, like Harry Potter, & Albert Nobbs.

Another montage – movie stars talking about their first movie experiences. Blah, blah, blah. What is Adam Sandler doing in there?

Sandra Bullock presenting the award for foreign language film. I do really like her dress. A Separation from Iran. That’s the one that was favored, so no big surprise. I think this is available to watch on Netflix – I need to check it out.

Christian Bale presenting the award for Best Supporting Actress. He’s so super hot. Except for the raging crazy anger. Octavia Spencer wins for The Help. I disagree. I enjoyed the movie, but If someone was going to win for that, Jessica Chastain was more worthy, but if I was picking it would probably have been Janet McTeer for Albert Nobbs or Bereneice Bejo for The Artist.

The Wizard of Oz focus group with the Christopher Guest cast of improvisers. Fred Willard slays me! It was hilarious. Good choice. Do that instead of montages.

Tina Fey & Bradley Cooper presenting Achievement in Editing. The Oscar goes to Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter for The Girl in the Dragon Tatoo. They won last year for The Social Network. I haven’t seen this one either, but it’s in my Netflix queue. Love that they thanked a few people and said “let’s get out of here.” Achievement in Sound Editing goes to the team from Hugo. This one is going to clean up tonight, I can tell. Achievement in Sound Mixing goes to Hugo again.

I’m fast forwarding through Cirque du Soleil. I don’t get it.

My DVR screwed up so congrats to whoever won what was presented by Gwyneth Paltrow & Robert Downey, Jr.

Chris Rock presenting animation awards. I’m not a fan of animation. Except Disney movies.

Emma Stone & Ben Stiller presenting Achievement in Visual Effects. I hate her dress, but more on that in my fashion post. Hugo wins visual effects as well. How did it beat Harry Potter? I guess I need to see it now for sure.

Melissa Leo presenting Supporting Actor. Jonah Hill didn’t win so I hope he finds those cupcakes Billy told him about at the beginning. The award went to Christopher Plummer for The Beginners. I’m surprised it didn’t go to Max von Sydow, because the Academy usually goes to people who play silent or mentally challenged. They went with closeted, and now he’s the oldest person to win an Oscar. I do love his acting, although, when I see him on talk shows he’s arrogant and creepy, like a dirty old man.

Penelope Cruz & Owen Wilson. Awards for Music. The Artist finally wins something for original score. Will Ferrel & Zach Galifinakis and their white tuxes and cymbals. Kind of awesome. They’re presenting Best Original Song. Brett MaKenzie won for the Muppets! I totally didn’t know he wrote that.

Angelina Jolie presenting adapted screenplay, which went to The Descendants. It was good, I give you, but not better than The Ides of March or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Now for Original Screenplay. Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris. I get. He always wins. It would have been cool for Kristen Wiig to win, but Midnight in Paris was brilliant.

Michael Douglas presenting the award for Directing. This is a tough race. Martin Scorsese is favored, but Alexander Payne is quite worthy. Woody Allen would be a cliche. Terrance Malick – I get that he’s a genius but I only kind of liked Tree of Life. Michel Hazanavicius won for The Artist. That usually signals a best picture win. We’ll see.

Meryl Streep. I super love her but still hate her dress.

In Memoriam. I love this part. The poor girls in the choir can’t see around Esmerelda’s fro. Gorgeous voice, though. Steve Jobs? I guess. Seems like an odd inclusion. Close with Elizabeth Taylor. Beautiful.

Natalie Portman presenting Best Actor. I still hate her dress. I love that they didn’t make them all line up on the stage and have someone do a “This is Your Life” thing to them. That was so awkward. Jean Dujardin is going to win this, but the other guys gave him a run for his money. George was so great in The Descendants. And I LOVED Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. How is this Gary Oldman’s first nomination? That’s crazy. He’s a genius. Brad was great in Moneyball, but I don’t get a best actor nomination. Hate the long hair on him. I hope whatever role he’s grown it for will be over soon and he can cut it off. Yep. Jean. Knew that was coming. The Artist is in the bag for best picture. He loves our country. So sweet. He’s screaming. I think he just did a little dance. Ah, the French.

Colin Firth presenting Best Actress. Viola Davis is favored but Meryl could take it. If Meryl doesn’t win, it will be the longest losing streak in history. Oh yeah, I forgot about Michelle Williams. She’s could win. She’s really good. I love her. Meryl wins. She’s clearly shocked. I love how Viola immediately went to congratulate her. I love her.

Now it’s Best Picture, presented by Tom Cruise. Dear God, why? At least his hair looks good. Nine nominations. That just seems like too many. There needs to be 2 categories like the Golden Globes, except there are only maybe 2 comedies. I actually liked this montage and the way they presented the best pictures. Best Pictures is The Artist. Predictable, but so many others could have won. If a person were doing a food-of-the-films Oscar party, it would have been a rich feast.

I’m off to prepare for work tomorrow. As always, you’re welcome.



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