Friday Five: Odds & Ends

Sally writes:

I have had a ridiculously busy week so apologies for the fact that this is rushed and even a bit late, but here goes, even in the busyness of the week what has:

1. Inspired you
My friend Vanessa’s weight loss photos on facebook. As I’ve written previously, I’ve not been super motivated when it comes to weight loss, but when I see her progress just since October, I feel ever so slightly motivated. I am going to the gym today on my lunch break, but I have already had some cake today.

2. Challenged you
My day job work environment. Without going into details, I feel like the environment is more politically charged than it has been in the past, and there is an interesting undercurrent of machination that I don’t love. I’ve also been challenged by what I’m preaching this Sunday, and not in the good, God is speaking to me way. More of a, not sure what to say, how do I make this relevant to everyone way. I’m preaching on a passage that is very personal to me and I don’t want the sermon to be all about me, so I”m having a hard time getting out of the way.

3. Made you smile
A video of my niece saying “Congratulations! You did it! World’s best cup of coffee!” Slays me. (I’ll post it later)

4. Made you cross/ made you want to weep
Someone hurt a good friend of mine. She and her partner Beth have been happily married (whether our state recognizes it or not) for 19 years and someone claiming to speak for my faith told her that not only are they not married, they’re not even real people because they are gay. I don’t even know where a person would get that or why you would say something like that, but it totally pissed me off.

5.Kept you going?
The promise of good things to come. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire and this year will hold some pretty awesome things. I will have some forward movement in my career in the next 6 months, big birthday celebration, some fun travel, CLP ordination & some great non-profit involvement. 2012 – you are MINE!


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