Friday Five: Recommendations

revkjarla writes:

So, it’s the time of year I get inundated with requests for recommendations for students that are looking to be camp counselors.  So in honor of camp counselors everywhere, today’s Friday Five is the Recommendation edition  (which has nothing to do with camp or summer or anything–work with me, it’s late….)

1.   Recommend a favorite worship resource or devotional book.

My favorite Lenten devotional book is Small Surrenders by Emilie Griffin. I love that season and this book because it helps me get into a daily reading habit again.

2.   Recommend a blog that you like to read that you think others might find enjoyable.

Only in the 21st Century can one become friends with someone after they are no longer in the same vicinity. I went to seminary with my friend Sarah’s husband. She’s a vet and the bread winner and they had a kid somewhere in there I think so I never really interacted with her much. Later we became facebook friends and have interacted way more than we ever did when we lived on the same campus. Her blog The Sacred Misfit is a place where she works out some of the kinks in life and faith.

3.   Recommend a fiction book that you think people might like.

I really enjoy audio books. I like lying in bed and listening or plugging them in during my commute. If you’ve not yet read the Pillars of the Earth, I highly recommend that one. It’s a 40-hour audio book, so settle in, folks. Here are a few more audio fiction books I’ve enjoyed.

The Art of Racing in the Rain
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Clara & Mr. Tiffany
The Cat’s Table
Free Food for Millionaires
The Paris Wife
The Wonder of Charlie Anne
Last Night at the Lobster

4.   Recommend a favorite recipe website.   O.k., if you aren’t into cooking or food, then just recommend a random website that you find useful, hilarious, mind numbing or thought provoking.

My good friend Jill has a passion for cooking and for bringing good (I mean really good) food into everyone’s kitchen. She believes that just because you’re a busy mom doesn’t mean you can’t make a good Bearnaise sauce. And sometimes she takes the kids to McDonalds. Here’s her site:

5.  And for the last recommendation–it’s bloggers’ choice!  Make a recommendation for anything!

It’s a tie between Awkward Family Photos add People of Walmart.


5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Recommendations

  1. I read Follet’s “Fall of Giants”..or I should say, I listened to it. I’ll have to check out Pillars of the Earth. I added your Lenten devotional to my Amazon wishlist (I think I’ll be doing that quite a bit today)


  2. I always like Emilie Griffin’s books, especially the one for Lent. I appreciate all the book titles. And you’ve put on so many links, I want to look at all of them! Thanks.

  3. omg, your #5 is killin’me! hilarious!
    thanks for the list of audiobooks….I am listening to them as I try to get back into shape.

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