Friday Five: Nearly New Year

Sally writes:

A simple Friday Five for a busy part of the year; indulge me by sharing two fives:

As you look back over 2011 share 5 blessings, they can be as grand or as simple as you like,if you year has been like mine they are probably a mixture!

As you look towards 2012 share 5 hopes- again, anything goes!

Pictures and songs welcome!

Personal note: After my last whiny baby post, this is a good exercise for me. 2011 had some great blessings indeed, if only I could remember them 🙂 Indeed, with the help of my calendar, I shall do my best!

1. Faith Community. I’ve grown to love MBCC even more. I’ve been at the church now going on 7 years, one of a few, and it’s been a great ride. Since our pastor moved on from the community, I’ve been able to step up and do a lot more preaching and even done some preaching at other churches. It’s something I really enjoy and it’s been great to get back into the saddle pulpit.

2. My new apartment. In August I moved out of a roommate situation into a solo gig and it has been amazing. I have a tiny place that is truly mine and I super love it. It makes coming home from busy days that much more energizing because I have run of the place.

3. Spa membership. This is the best thing I do for myself. If you’re in So. Cal or the Bay Area, there is no reason you shouldn’t be a member of your local  Burke-Williams Spa. It makes so much sense and has definitely kept me out of prison.

4. I’ve gotten to know some of my cousins as adults a bit better than I did. I love hearing stories of their growing up, their perspective on our family, their faith journeys. I have a cool and interesting family.

5. Being part of life events in friends lives. People keep giving birth, getting married, getting promoted, moving, all around me. It’s great to be part of these moments in their lives and witness some of the most important events.

Hopes for 2012

1. Obviously, that the Mayans were wrong. I mean really, how well are they doing?

2. Travel. That’s less of a hope and more of a plan, but I can’t wait to get to spin around the planet a bit.

3. Continual integration of vocation and occupation. I’m not sure what’s on the horizon for me career & calling wise, but I feel great change coming. I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

4. I will continue on a forward path to greater organization and structure in those areas of life that cause me difficulty.

5. Breathing. Much more breathing.


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