Making a Choice

I’ve always been a believer in the idea that we all make our own choices when it comes to life. My brother & sister-in-law are awesome parents and have taught Chloe & Ian about the importance of good choices. When Chloe was barely talking and playing with dolls, she used to encourage them by saying “Good choice!”

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m doing Weight Watchers right now and we all know that the battle of the bulge is way more than just the food. I tend to label food choices as “good” or “bad” and send myself down a shame spiral if I make a “bad” choice.

The current issue of Cooking Light has a section that is the culmination of of a year’s worth of articles on developing healthy habits. There is a short article from one of their experts that encourages the readers to see food choices as neither good nor bad, but just as choices. I choose to eat veggies or I choose to eat dark chocolate-covered candy cane Joe-Joes. Either way, it’s my choice. I own it.

Weight Watchers allows for these choices. I budget my points and spend them as I want. However, this is sounding a lot like money, which is also an issue for me, and is never about the money, either. What’s good about neutralizing both food & spending choices for me is that I’m doing away with the emotional shame cloud that prevents me from getting to the root of WHY I’m making the choice. That’s what I need to figure out anyway, isn’t it?

For the money part of things, I’m trying to get myself paid out of debt, which fortunately isn’t a lot, and then save up for a trip coming up next summer. So, when confronted with an impulse buy or even a desire to shop for other people, I just say MAJORCA in my head a bunch of times and I step away from the purchase. I’m trying to do the same with food, but I’ve been under a lot of stress lately w/ work (nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year) and so I’ve been stress eating. Fortunately I’ve also been stress working out so it’s basically just added up to weight maintenance rather than weight loss.

Removing the pesky emotion from the choice concept is helping me feel more in control of what I eat and buy, and we all know how much I enjoy control. It makes me feel less like a victim of my emotions and stress and lets me take a real look at why I’m choosing the Joe-Joes and the sweater I don’t need.


One thought on “Making a Choice

  1. Derned honest, m’dear. We can all relate. I had a mantra for my first big weigh-loss battle after I had Pen: “Will that taste better than thin would feel.” That little question reshaped my ass and my outlook on life.

    Love ya. Keep at it. Stay at the “shame diet.” Shame will make you fat faster than deep-fried butter dusted in cinnamon sugar.

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