Friday Five: Delinquent Edition

The background of the situation is that a few years ago, Songbird reminded me that I had the Friday Five. I told her – quite adamantly – that I was one she would never have to worry about. I keep close track of such things.

As we were driving from having a beautiful breakfast with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and brand new niece this morning you can imagine my dismay as Songbird said, “I hope whoever had the Friday Five today remembered to do it.”


So for today, if you are still there, the Friday Five is this:
It’s a busy season and our minds get caught up in lots of different things (a shiny new baby, in my case). We all know that especially during this time of year we have to be intentional about the things that are important or we can lose them. What are five things you try to be intentional about, whether it be for this season specifically or in general?

1. Time alone. On the MBTI, I’m an INTJ, and on the I side of the scale, I’m off the chart. Need lots of alone time, so I plan my schedule so I can have lots of Tiffy Time.

2. Visiting my family. I go for Thanksgiving, Christmas and one other time of the year, usually. I always get that in my vacation plans so I don’t miss any more of the babies’ growing up than I have to.

3.  Spa & Gym Time. I am a member of Crunch Gym and Burke-Williams Spa and love them both. It’s a great time for me to be alone and do something good for myself.

4. Sleep. I need a lot of sleep. So I make sure I get it.

5. Time with friends. I want to keep up the close relationship w/ all my peeps so I keep up w/ them through texting & facebook.

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