“How’s WW Going for You?”

This week I received the following  message on facebook from a dear friend who is also doing Weight Watchers right now:

“How’s ww going for you? I’m at -23. Trying to hit 35 by Jan 1. Seems to be slow these last couple weeks ugh. Update me missy!”

I think her question can best be answered by a text interaction I had the other night w/ my good friend L.

L: There are cinnamon m&m’s at Target. Can’t decide if that’s yummy or gross. Leaning toward the latter. Couldn’t commit to an actual bag of them, so got the mint ones instead.

Me: Seems gross, but then I’ve been eating Nutella straight from the jar.

So, yeah, that’s pretty much how I’m doing. A jar of Nutella and a spoon. The last few weeks at work have been beyond stressful and I’ve worked more than a few 12 or 13 hour days. The good news is, however, that I am done hiring (176, thank you very much) and I am less stressed. This is a big week in retail, but I can now just do my work and coast through the rest until the week before xmas when we start deciding who stays & who does not.

Today was the first day off I’ve had that has been both restful and productive and I feel ready to go to work tomorrow. Up to now, days off have been for hard core crashing and still not feeling rested. I feel back now, though. Much less homicidal.

Back to Weight Watchers. I am going to make poor eating choices during times of high stress. I need to accept that instead of sending myself down a shame spiral. I am back on the good choice bandwagon now, so hopefully, friend, the WW will get better in the next few weeks.


2 thoughts on ““How’s WW Going for You?”

  1. Ah yes the dreaded Nutella. =) My vice is red wine, GOOD blue cheese, and soft Aussie style black licorice.

    I could use a little more shame actually LOL. Seriously though I’ve tried to change viewing my dalliances as a moral decision. Eating something makes me neither “good” nor “bad”. It only moves me “closer” or “farther” from my health goals.

    Easier said than done. =) Take care my lovely friend!

  2. Well, I’m glad to hear you’re “much less homicidal” and giving yourself permission to fall off the wagon. Here’s to things simmering and not boiling over at work. xo

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