11.11.11 Friday Five

Songbird writes:

It’s 11/11/11, a date you can read forwards and backwards, American-style and European-style.

It’s Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day, which seems to be celebrated more someplace than others. The kids here are out of school and some communities have ceremonies of remembrance scheduled.

My denomination (UCC) is finishing up a drive called Mission 1, which ran from 11.1.11 to 11.11.11.

It’s a popular date for getting married, or so I’m told, just like other memorable dates (for instance 09/08/07).

But mostly, it’s a big day for Nigel Tufnel, in celebration of “maximum elevenness.”

For today’s Friday Five, share five ways you or someone you know likes to turn it up to 11. How have you gone beyond the usual expected limits? Feel free to interpret this as eccentrically as possible.

I’m an intense, extremist, 11 kind of girl. It’s 11 or nothing for me, so here goes:

1. Work

I teeter on the edge of workaholic. Right now this is my crazy time of year. I have to hire 150 people by Thanksgiving and I’m at about 80. Yikes. at this time of year, I would be perfectly happy working 12 hours a day every day. However, my job has this thing called “work/life balance” so they don’t let me. Grrr… 🙂

2. Gym

Now, please don’t interpret this as me being some sort of neckless gym rat. I just mean that when I am in the gym zone I go every day. Then I get tired and fall out of the pattern and get back into it.

3. Food Kicks.

I’ll get into one particular food and eat it for weeks until I get sick of it. (btdubs – I’m starting to sound like a real flake here – ah well. These are the ABCs of me!)

4. The Babies

This is one that has stayed consisted or grown over the years. I am super passionate about my babies – the niece and nephew, of course. I walk around my place of work and want to buy them so many of the cute little clothes, I want to travel with them, send them books, and treasure every moment I have to see them grow up. They are the center of my world.

5. Any Passion

If it’s volunteering, training, church, whatever. If I get a bee in my bonnet about an injustice or a cause or a person’s situation, I’m all over it like a bulldog on a bone. I’m a good person to have in your corner – just sayin’ 🙂


One thought on “11.11.11 Friday Five

  1. fun play!!! I wish I were a gym rat. and I get the food thing, except, I the past five years I have been stuck on pizza, which explains why I am not a gym rat.
    take care, and blessings!

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