Friday Five: Time With Friends

kathrynzj writes:

I have been spending my week with one of my favorite people and it has been a joy. As you can tell by our shoes lined up in the picture from our first ever visit together we have slightly different hobbies – those that require cleats and those that require… lavender Crocs. Despite our differences we have found commonalities in conversation and coffee; life and faith. This week we were both working but were still able to find the time to hang out in a really cool bookstore and see the autumn scenery at a nearby state park.

For today’s Friday Five please tell us 5 things you like to do with friends. Are they local – do you hit a favorite coffee shop or nail salon? What about the friends who come in from out of town? Do you have a restaurant or museum you like to show off?
1. Dinner out.
With local friends it’s easy to find a great dining spot here in this major restaurant city. I have one great friend with whom I have a dinner date once a month. I love to meet up at a new restaurant and enjoy good food and conversation.
2. Phone.
I super love talking on the phone and always have. It’s hard to even find time to get together with local friends so a phone chat to catch up is sometimes just the thing.
3. Online chatting/Texting
I love that I can chat with more than one friend at a time on facebook or gchat. It’s multitasking at its best. I can also be doing stuff around the house and still be catching up with someone across the globe. Kinda awesome.
4. Blogs.
Many of my friends blog so I read what they’re thinking about and that’s a great way for me to get to know what’s in their hearts, even when I can’t spend a ton of time with them.
5. Visits.
Periodically, I’ve been able to visit far away friends where they live and it’s been fun to see their corners of the world, see their favorite spots and haunts and see them in their element.

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